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The Cockroach of Fashion

Jordache Basics

Stone-washed denim.

Just when I think it has disappeared for good (again), it comes back (again).

It simply won’t die.

Forget Brexit. Forget Trump. This is a serious matter.


Cycling Helmets


Why do they all have to be such an eye sore?

My Eyes…

image via

That kit, with that bike… It’s a shame the sponsors didn’t discuss colours amongst themselves although I have some doubts that the parties would have had any flexibility on the matter. 

A shocker. 

Lotus C-01

image via Silodrome

image via Silodrome

I don’t care much for contemporary motorcycle designs. Actually, I don’t have any kind words to say about them.

Except the Lotus C-01. I think the sexy number designed by Daniel Simon is a game changer. It’s a bit difficult to imagine that it was designed by the same guy responsible for the gloriously hideous Bugatti Veyron. The C-01 is a beauty.

Made Great in Britain

By hand, not by machine. By artisans, not by equipment operators. In a Georgian house, not in a factory. In London, not in a town whose name you can’t pronouce with the correct intonation. For you and only you.

‘Here’s My Card’

Moynat, Mayfair, London

Luxury goods brand.

Brand ambassador.

Corporate identity.

Brand image.

Commitment to quality.

Presentation and representation.

Cute Logo Design, But What’s the Rating?

Good design is difficult to come by, but bad design can be avoided. Sometimes, one needs to take a step back, especially if one is a wee bit too close to the work at hand.

But then again, if it gets one’s brand talked about, then… Or, is it?



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