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A New Follower on Twitter

I have a new follower whose handle is @InstAssMan.



Heartbleed? What?

Unless you have been under a pretty big rock, you have heard or read about the Heartbleed bug. Based on the reports, it is a serious and widespread security problem across the entire Internet. There has been some chatter about the fact that the NSA knew about it and kept quiet, possibly because they wanted to exploit the vulnerability for their own use. To be honest, the discussion about the NSA is so abstract to me that it is almost irrelevant. However, I do wonder about something much closer to my little world and likely your little world, as well.

The world has been talking about Heartbleed for more than a week now. Like many people, I have numerous accounts on the web: email, social media (like this one), e-commerce, banking, charity, etc. The list is quite a long one, as I realised. You would think that service providers and web site owners would contact you without delay to inform you about Heartbleed and to urge you to change your passwords immediately, regardless of whether you have been hiding in a cave the last couple of weeks.

But, no. Most, including WordPress, have not bothered. When they are not actually trying to sell you something, their restraint is quite remarkable.

I received just 2 emails to explain why I should change my password promptly: one from social media platform Tumblr and the other from charity challenge organisers Classic Tours.

It says something about Tumblr and Classic Tours, namely, their sense of responsibility and their approach to issues / crisis management.

What does it say about everyone else, particularly those who do not already have a two-factor authentication as a standard process for every account holder?

Do you have an Amazon account with your credit card details stored for a quick check-out? They do have a rather broad assortment of products these days, don’t they?

An Exception to the Rules, a Story Worth Sharing

I thought it was worth sharing Jeffery’s recent blog post as there are so many good things in it despite the brevity.

There are always exceptions to the rules…

Part of our business is making made-to-measure clothing. We have a library of patterns to which almost two hundred alterations can be done to account for size, posture, preference, etc. The alterations are pretty comprehensive but there are limitations and parameters. The pattern can only be stretched so far before you have to draft something from scratch, not something that is generally done in the industry because of the amount of time involved in getting a draft trued and production-ready. Today we hit some of those limits.

The lady who is in charge of the blue pencil department (the department that applies the alterations to the patterns before the garments are cut) came to see me with a problem. A client had requested some alterations which were well outside the usual limits. By several multiples. Shorten sleeves by six inches, shorten the coat five inches. And so on. I sent her to see my boss, our president. His answer, as expected, was a very firm NO. We would not be able to accommodate these requests.

Some time later he came to see me, his tone softened.

“About that pattern”, he said.

“It seems the customer in question is a thirteen year-old boy. And he has leukemia. Make this boy his suit.”

And with that, I will get to work on a new pattern.

A Perquisite of Bloggers

I have no doubt that there are many perqs that come with blogging, most of which a casual rambler like me does not know. However, there is one that all bloggers know: funny search terms that lead people to one’s blog. The last week has been a good one in this respect, and here are the 2 best terms.

“sauce taking full advantage”: This is so rich in possibilities that I don’t know where to start. All I know is that it gets filthier by the minute. Whoever ended up here in search of whatever it was must have been sorely disappointed.

“where is Chikashi”: What can one say? Google = crystal ball. OK, so I’m hearing Lionel Richie belting out, ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for?’

Teething Issues

The blog has just migrated to WordPress from Blogger.  Whilst no tits or tyres were involved, I noticed that some formatting such as font sizing need to be cleaned up.  I shall endeavour to clean them up as soon as practicable.


Ever since I published a review of Nicholas Storey’s second book, this advert keeps being inserted in the right column of this page.  Presumably, this is  because I mentioned ‘manuscript’.  (Bugger, I mentioned it again!)

The advert certainly ticks many boxes.  It has an arresting visual that grabs one’s attention.  Then, it dives straight into a concise and comprehensive copy about his cute metaphoric moniker, academic credentials, commercial proposition and contact information.  It uses the limited space with mind blowing efficiency.  Furthermore, unlike London telephone boxes with dozens of similarly arresting and efficient adverts of a comparable size (if slightly easier on the delicate eye), this web page offers his advert something of a sanctuary, with no competing graphical (or is it graphic?) adverts in the vicinity to dilute its impact.

So, is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

Just asking. 

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