Do I Know You?

by Chikashi

The Incredibles

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You’re bound to know at least a few people that you are accustomed to seeing in a very specific context but only in that context. Until one fine day you see them outside of that context.

Your reaction can range from a mild surprise at seeing that person ‘out of context’ and doing a little double-take, to actually struggling to recognise that person at all.

Do I know you? You look somewhat familiar, but I can’t quite place you…

One fine day, you see a cycling buddy out of his Lycra and wearing civvies, and you mumble under your breath, ‘So that’s what you look like in normal clothes…’

It can be a little unsettling when you first see a normal person out of his usual civvies and in Lycra instead.

But you get used to it soon enough.