How to Do a Quick Litmus Test for Business Strategy

by Chikashi

Many articles on business have me hearing the author fap, fap, fap to the sound of his own words. I know, it’s not nice to say. Not professional, you say. Guilty as charged. Admit it, you, as a business practitioner, have felt the same way from time to time. And then, every once in a while, you come across an article by an academic that actually reflects what they teach at every b-school: write with brevity and clarity. And to boot, the thesis of the article is practical, even universally practical.

Professor Roger L Martin of Rotman (U of T) posits that the first question to ask of any core strategy choice is if one could make the opposite choice without looking stupid. Simple, lucid, and eminently practical in coming up with a strategy that is not identical to what everyone else is doing (but might sound nicer). As I do not have permission to reproduce the article here, read it at the source. It’s well worth your while, it’s a quick read, and you can use his idea immediately.