An Unexpected Companion

by Chikashi

Unior T25 wrench
When I first started seeing Torx screws several years ago, my first thought was that it was yet another completely unnecessary standard, that it was not going to see broad application. More recently, it seems Torx is everywhere. Without a Torx screw driver, it’s impossible to service a road bike with modern components.

Suddenly, the T25 Torx wrench is one of my most used tools, alongside the 5 mm and 4 mm hex/allen wrench.

I don’t have an opinion about which is better, Torx or hex. What I don’t understand is why Torx has not completely replaced hex screws in, say, the 2.5 – 6 mm size range. We see a mix of Torx and hex used in a given component, such as brake calipers, and it’s not obvious to me why that is. I’m all ears if you know.