Almost Unmentionable

by Chikashi

Veloflex Master 25Having read plenty of comments on how well Veloflex Master ‘open tubular’ tyres roll, I installed a set of 25c and have done just over 500km so far. In combination with a pair of Vredestein latex inner tubes, the way that the Masters roll can only be described as beautiful. I have tried inflating them to different levels and have found that for me it is best to keep the rear at less than 7 bar and the front at a touch over 6 bar. Sex on two wheels.

Confident cornering, fast and handsome — I do have a weak spot for gum-coloured sidewalls.

Fast tyres make a certain sound that is completely different from slower, endurance or urban tyres. It’s a pleasant, medium pitch sound. Combined with latex inner tube, they sound even faster, with the note acquiring a certain hollowness. This might seem a tad ridiculous, but you need to hear it to understand it. It sounds and feels like you’re gliding over the tarmac. There is something delightfully profane about the sensory experience that leaves you thinking, Where’ve you been all my life?

I don’t expect this sort of tyres to last a long time. However, because my Velocity A23s are nearing the end of their life with the sidewalls wearing rather more quickly than I had hoped despite regular cleaning of brake pads, these Veloflex Masters will probably be the last set of rubbers to adorn them.
Kool Stop Tire Bead JackVeloflex want you to install the tyres entirely by hand, without the use of tyre levers. Given the fact that I have a rather thick set of Velox rim tapes that make for a very tight rim, it is simply impossible to install them using only my hands. Instead of tyre levers, I used the Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack. Easy peasy installation without issues.

One curious piece of instruction from Veloflex is to not use these tyres on carbon fibre rims. I am a little puzzled by this. If anyone knows the reasons for this, please do share.