Business Drivel, part 14

by Chikashi

This again is not drivel per se, but… What drives someone, on her last day with the company, to give each person in the office a fridge magnet printed with her name under a nauseatingly naff message?

I suppose that it is comparable to giving clients and suppliers naff polo shirts / T-shirts / baseball caps printed with your coporate logo. Why would you think that clients and suppliers would wear them? I believe that if people would not be willing to pay for a T-shirt with your coporate logo, then they are not going to be delighted about getting one for free. I’m actually happy to get these silly t-shirts and polo shirts because I need a consistent supply of rags to clean my bike or polish my shoes. But fridge magnets?

It’s just so unbelievably naff that I had to stick it on our fridge.

I guess it worked. She won.