Making a Statement

by Chikashi

image via Demotix

image via Demotix

Teruki Goto, an independent, right-wing candidate (and singer) currently running for mayor in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

Don’t ask what the statement might be. Not a clue.

Having shared his campaign poster currently plastered all over Chiyoda, I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Acknowledgement:  Thanks for the tip-off, David.

Postscript:  I do wonder what Cicciolina is doing these days… I have rather fond memories of the Made in Heaven exhibit at Sonnabend Gallery, being tickled to death at the sight of little old purple-haired ladies screeching and gasping every time they entered another room with a giant photo of Mr and Mrs Koons. I thought, ‘But you girls have probably done stuff that I haven’t even thought of.’ Priceless. Ilena Sonnabend, RIP.