In the Meantime, on the Other Side of the World, It’s Waiting for Me…

by Chikashi

On one of our winter trips from NY to Zurich, we landed in Zurich only to find out that our luggage went to Honolulu. Delta Airlines delivered the luggage 2 days later. Perhaps sometimes luggage and parcels go where we actually want to go, somewhere warm.

I ordered something from the US about a week ago and asked them to send it to my home address here in Belgium. They shipped the next day from their base in Indianapolis and gave me a USPS tracking number.

In the middle of last week, the parcel cleared customs at Auckland, New Zealand. The Kiwi Postie tried to deliver the parcel, but apparently, nobody was home.

The system tells me that the parcel is waiting for me to pick it up, at the local post office.

In New Zealand.