The Younger Generation Wants to Be Like Grandpa?

by Chikashi

After Tiffany & Co. posted disappointing Q4 results, Adrianne Pasquarelli wrote in an article for Crain’s that,

Like many other luxury-goods companies, Tiffany must also come to grips with shifting shopper tastes. The baby boomers who have long accounted for much of Tiffany’s sales are aging, and the new generation of millennials is searching out quality labels that might not be found in their mother’s jewelry box. Such shoppers seek jewelry that is not ostentatious, for instance, and that might even feature a technology component, such as a step tracker.

I am aware of all the recent hype about ‘wearable tech’, but step tracker? Isn’t ‘step tracker’ just a dumbed down, contemporary term for pedometer? As in Manpokei (万歩計)? And millennials want them?

OK, I admit that on trend, I ain’t. However, why not do some real exercise? Pedometers? Really?


image source: Running High