Socks Over or Under the Tights?

by Chikashi

image via The Athletic

image via The Athletic

I’ve always put on my socks first and then my tights, that is, the tights covered the socks. It was not a conscious decision to wear them this way. No methodology or style edict.

I have a pair of the socks shown above, amongst a pile of others from The Athletic. They’re rather nice. Anyway, I just had an image recall of the above shot (probably because I wore them on the ride this morning), the full implications of which obviously didn’t register when I saw it previously, and realised that it is shown with the sock over, not under, the leg warmer.

So, over or under?

Is this a question akin to which knot one uses to tie a necktie? Or, is it analogous to what it means whether a man has the right or the left ear pierced? Male versus female thing?

Or, is it not even a question?

The depth and breadth of MAMiL Problems are sometimes astounding.