The Search for the Perfect Pair of Jeans?

by Chikashi

Timothy Everest Bespoke, denim woven & dyed in Kurashiki

Once every 6 months or so, fashion and lifestyle magazines run an article about denim. More specifically, they write about the search for the pair of jeans with the perfect fit, in the latest style whether it has flared, straight or tapered hems and a high or low rise. In the more ‘hard core’ denim articles, they write every year about selvedge denim and which mill produced the cloth, usually with a focus on Japanese denim woven and dyed using real indigo in the city of Kurashiki.

The pursuit of superior cloth, woven and dyed using traditional methods, is important if you care about the material. Even if the quality of the materials is not an obsession to all, almost everyone who devours these media articles cares about fit. This is where things get a bit awkward.

People who consume these editorials (or advertorials, as the case may be) want to look good in their jeans. Different makers use different patterns to cut their jeans. A maker can have different patterns for different styles: straight legs, tapered legs, low rise, medium rise, et al. None of those patterns, or ‘blocks’, are cut based on your unique measurements.

Therefore, it actually becomes a prolonged exercise in finding a pair that complies to your measurements through trial and error. No fashion journalist or celebrity can tell you which jeans fit YOU well. But, there is what is akin to a regular ritual of seeking and buying the perfect pair of jeans.

Only to be disappointed once one realises, after a couple of months, that the pair by a trendy label featured in some article doesn’t actually suit your body all that well. Or, that they are not made to high standards, only to high margins. And then, the search resumes.

Perhaps it’s the thrill of the chase, not the kill, that drives people to buying countless pairs of denim. An ill-suited pair of jeans can be really quite unflattering, particularly on women but also on men.

The notion of a bespoke pair of jeans may not be intuitive. Yes, the price tag may seem a little high. However, given how much a ready-to-wear pair from a ‘designer’ brand costs these days, and the number of ill-fitting jeans you have bought over time in your pursuit of the perfect pair, you might realise that a bespoke pair represents excellent value.

If you can have the thrill of the chase, the kill and the resulting meal as well, then wouldn’t you rather have them all rather than just the chase?