Business Drivel, part 9

by Chikashi


I don’t even know where to begin with this one, except to say, WTF?

Really, WTF?

A sad thing about all these Chief Whatever Officer titles is that too often there are no other officers in the referenced functional area. These C-titles imply that there is at least one other officer reporting to the chief officer. However, one often finds that the person is the only officer. Occasionally, one comes across a chief whatever officer who doesn’t have a single subordinate, officer or otherwise. It’s a bit like setting the table for eight when you are actually dining alone. Sad and lonely.

With ‘transparency’ being all the rage, it is a little strange that there is so much silly, purile posturing happening at so many companies. It begs the question of whether these companies are capable of being transparent about substantive matters.

So, here’s a suggestion: in addition to the C-suite, create the O-suite.

OAO:  Only Administrative Officer

OCO:  Only Creative Officer

ODO:  Only Diversity Officer

OFO:  Only Financial Officer

OIO:  Only Information Officer

OLO:  Only Legal Officer

OMO:  Only Marketing Officer / Only Merchandising Officer

OOO:  Only Operating Officer

ORO:  Only Risk Officer / Only Restructuring Officer

OSO:  Only Strategy Officer

OTO:  Only Technology Officer

OXO:  Only Experience Officer

And, of course,

OEO:  Only Executive Officer