A Jolly in Hampshire

by Chikashi

Over Easter weekend, we had planned a 90 km loop from Dogmersfield, Hampshire, towards South Downs and back. This being a SpokeCC club ride, perhaps it should not have come as a surprise that the spoken word took precedence over causing the spokes to go round and round. We ended up doing only a bit over 50 km, but a very pretty 50 km, it was.

Four Seasons Hampshire

Somehow reminiscent of Tuscany… Chiantishire?


And as a departure from the usual view of the Lycra-clad posterior of a middle-aged male directly in front, we spotted a much sexier, delicious posterior of a 60 year old dame…

Aston Martin DB2/4

It is a bit of a shame that we did not have more time to discover a few dark secrets hidden in some of the villages along the route…

Children in road, Blacknest