Mourning the Loss of Rizzoli Bookstore

by Chikashi

A crying shame.

Save Rizzoli


We would like to thank everyone who attended the rally on Friday to bid farewell to Rizzoli Booktore on its final day. We are especially grateful for Community Board Five for organizing the rally and State Senator Liz Krueger for speaking passionately about the need to protect small businesses from over-development.

The departure of Rizzoli represents a significant turning point for 57th Street. The street’s historic character and beloved local businesses are rapidly being lost to make way for architecturally bland mega-towers for billionaires. Emblematic of what is happening across our city, the closure of one of Midtown’s last independent bookstores is part of a larger trend that has witnessed countless smaller businesses being pushed out to make room for luxury residential development and retail chain stores.

We are deeply disappointed with the Landmarks Preservation Commission over their obstinate refusal to at least schedule a public hearing for this…

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