Please Use the Right Sort of Bottle Cage If You Ride the Cobbles

by Chikashi

A small appeal…

I have noticed that there are some that turn up on cobbled routes with bottle cages that are more like cup holders in a cinema, with no feature to hold the bottle securely. I saw enough of them on the Paris Roubaix Challenge. They can also be spotted regularly in the Flemish Ardennes. Bump, bump, bump he goes on the cobbles, and his bidon jumps out of the cage. The bidon rolls dangerously close to other riders on the road. He comes to a sudden stop after realising that the bidon escaped, creating yet another risk for other riders. And for himself.

We all mishandle the bottle from time to time and drop it as we take it out of or put it back in the cage. Mistakes happen. However, that is not the same as failing to be sensibly prepared.

So, in the interest of everyone’s safety, both yours and others, please leave your cupholders at home and install real bottle cages when you head for the cobbles. Please be kind to yourself and to others.

I use King Cage titanium bottle cages, robust huggers weighing in at less than 30 g each, and can recommend them highly.