Would You Buy a USED Pair of Underpants (or Bib Shorts)?

by Chikashi

So, I have been fascinated by the fact that there is a market for used cycling bib shorts. My fascination is based entirely on the fact that cycling bib shorts are worn without any undergarments. That means nothing underneath. Commando, as some would say. I say direct deposit.

MAMIL-Slayer Ruth has witnessed some MAMILs wearing underpants under their bib shorts somewhere in Kent, but that’s another subject altogether.

On eBay, sellers of used bib shorts get decent money from willing buyers. I just find it… amazing.

Buying a pair of bib shorts is not like buying a pair of trousers. It is more akin to buying a pair of boxer shorts or briefs. However, unlike most underpants most of the time, cycling bib shorts usually get utterly soaked in perspiration, particularly in the crutch (or crotch, if you prefer), with each use. So, does the thriving market in used cycling bib shorts imply that there is a viable market for used men’s underpants? I realise that some guys pay good money for unlaundered, used knickers, but I am referring to purchases made with a more mundane use of the garment in mind.

If you’re in the market for Oxford cloth or poplin / broadcloth boxer shorts in used condition, and your waist is about 32″, I might have a few pairs that could be saved from becoming rags for cleaning bikes or polishing shoes. If it makes any difference, they were worn with love every single time.