0.5% Virgin Pregnancy Rate, A Need for a New Word?

by Chikashi

Every now and then Americans come up with new terminology to designate a group of people that share certain characteristics in common. There might be a need for another one, if it hasn’t been coined already. The British Medical Journal recently published a report on the survey of virgin pregnancy amongst American women. The results of the survey:

45 women (0.5%) reported at least one virgin pregnancy unrelated to the use of assisted reproductive technology. Although it was rare for dates of sexual initiation and pregnancy consistent with virgin pregnancy to be reported, it was more common among women who signed chastity pledges or whose parents indicated lower levels of communication with their children about sex and birth control.

The report does not provide a further analysis of the 45 women to determine how many of them were married at the time of conception. However, I think it is reasonable to assume that at least some, if not all, of them were not married. For those who carried out their virgin pregnancy to full term and those who stand by their virgin pregnancy claims, what would be a suitably politically correct term to describe their children? Surely, ‘illegitimate child’ and ‘bastard’ are not agreeable terms. I would not be surprised if a term already exists. However, if there isn’t one already, I would not be surprised either if it is coined in the near future. I wonder what it is / will be.