Thank You, T2MC Charity Ride Sponsors

by Chikashi

My fundraising campaign in support of Akshaya Patra formally closed on 15 November. I am very pleased to report that, excluding one pending donation of an unspecified amount, the total funds raised for Akshaya Patra is $23,232 / €18,586 / £15,488. In practical terms, that means school lunches for over 1,548 children for an entire year. That is just the quantum. In qualitative terms, the positive impact is simply immeasurable.

Thank you very much for your support and generosity. It means a lot to me, Akshaya Patra and ultimately to the children who benefit from your generosity.

Unlike large scale corporate fundraising campaigns, there are no designations for various levels of sponsorship here (e.g., diamond, platinum, gold, etc.).  However, I would like to acknowledge the following sponsors for having made a substantial contribution of $1000 or more:

Signet Jewelers Ltd.

A multi-national metals and mining corporation


De Beers Global Sightholder Sales & Forevermark

Roberto Coin Group

A family based in France

A De Beers Sightholder based in Israel

Dimexon Diamonds Ltd.

A family based in Switzerland

A family based in the US

And, special thanks to Rosy Blue for enabling me to do this fundraising in aid of Akshaya Patra.