LinkedIn, Pulse and the Fairer Sex

by Chikashi

I’ve been on LinkedIn for a good few years now but haven’t quite got my head round it. One thing that I have ascertained is that if your employer is one of the more prominent ones in your sector, and you say who it is, your profile becomes a spam magnet. People search on your company name, spot your profile and send you InMails, or whatever they’re called, trying to sell you stuff.

In recent years, they introduced a feature that enables your connections to endorse you for certain skills. I don’t have anything new to add to those that have already been said by other people regarding this well intended feature, so I won’t say anything. That said, when someone endorsed me for my LBO skills, I almost choked laughing. A dangerous endorsement. If you don’t know what an LBO is, it’s just like pole dancing, something I’ve never done.

One of the newest features that they have been pushing is what they call Pulse. They have things called channels that have different themes. Helpfully, they recommended 4 channels that may be of interest to me. One of them was Professional Women. They recommend the Professional Women channel in the Pulse section. What are they trying to tell me?

In my profile photo, I am sticking out my tongue whilst wearing a T-shirt that says ‘HOME OF THE GO-GO BOYS’. I wonder if the recommendation has something to do with it?