Infographics Do Things That Only a Few Other Things Can

by Chikashi

There are quite a few people who think that infographics are stupid, that people who like infographics are stupid and that every piece of infographic implies that the audience is too stupid to understand anything else. And yet, they seem to pop up here, there, everywhere. Just like PowerPoint presentations. Stupid tool for stupid people to communicate with other stupid people. Therefore, one could think of it as being, in its own little way, perfect.

PowerPoint presentations are usually stupid, especially those that contain what are actually not just cue cards but proper scripts for the presenter who hasn’t done any preparation and also contain graphs or charts that are impossible to comprehend within 5 seconds. The former results in the presenter talking to the screen, making a dull subject seem even less interesting. However, the latter is useful when the audience is stupid because stupid people just love to be dazzled by things that they don’t understand: ‘If I don’t understand, it must be good.’ Every once in a while, there is a PowerPoint presentation that is also visually offensive. This is where infographic trumps PowerPoint.

Invariably, infographics are graphic diarrhoeas. There aren’t that many things in this world that one can dislike with both the left and the right sides of the brain. Therefore, one could think of it as being, in its own little way, complete.