Fundraising Update

by Chikashi

(As at mid-day, GMT+2)

Approximately £11,830 (GBP2,650 + EUR3,927 + USD7,860 + INR65,000) is known to have been raised thus far.

I forwarded the collected cash contributions to Akshaya Patra UK through Just Giving this week. If you had given me dollars, it was converted to euros using the prevailing rate on the day I made the onward payment on Just Giving.

If you have donated and have not heard from me, it means that I am not aware of your contribution — please let me know so I can thank you.

In addition to the above, I have received pledges totalling approximately £2,580 (EUR1,100 + USD2,500), bringing the total to £14,410, 72% of the £20,000 / €24,000 / $30,000 goal.

Thank you.

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