White Knee Warmers

by Chikashi

Rapha knee warmers

I used to think that white knee / leg warmers, in a stark contrast to a pair of black bib shorts, can be a good look. In a moody image shot like the above, they don’t look half bad.

However, after having observed several examples in the wild, including situations with similar light conditions and comparable backdrop, I recently concluded that it is actually not a good look. Invariably, they make the rider appear as if he’s wearing one of these under the bib shorts:

long john

I think the only way to make them work is to wear them with white bib shorts. But then again, you have no business wearing white bib shorts unless you’re Italian, and even if you’re Italian, you have no business wearing white bib shorts if it is cold enough to need knee warmers.

To be avoided.

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