Turin to Monte Carlo Ride Video, Übermountaingoat Version

by Chikashi

Here is the footage from the camera mounted on Lionel’s bike. Because of the way he floats up those mountains, it appears as though he is going downhill whilst the rest of us are climbing.

What came as a relief is that he seems to be breathing reasonably hard even though he always looks as though his heart rate never goes above 100 bpm, even when going up those ramps.

Thankfully, it is not included in the footage, but I was with Charlie, both of us huffing and puffing up the first part of Colle delle Finestre where the gradient is somewhere in the teens until it reaches 20%, when Lionel caught up with us and started chatting on and on about something. I was in no shape to even register what he was saying, so I did not react or respond. Charlie was not much better; I heard him grunt once or twice in response. Lionel found us to be a pair of poor conversationalists, so he just wafted ahead…

A big thanks to Lionel for putting it together.

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