Turin – Monte Carlo Team Kit

by Chikashi

Thanks to the generosity of Axis Capital, Blue Capital, Conyers Dill & Pearman, Jonah Jones, KPMG, Montpelier Group, Natixis, Oakley Capital, Paddy O’s (our official, most excellent granola bar suppliers), XL Group and Timothy Everest Ltd, we (23 boys and 1 girl) have a team kit for the T2MC cycling challenge. I am delighted with the 1950s inspired design featuring the colours of the Torinese and Monégasque flags. It was designed by Ruth Costello, aka MAMIL Slayer, at Timothy Everest‘s design studio. The full kit including a transparent rain jacket is waiting for us at our hotel in Turin.

T2MC team jersey and bib shorts by Ruth Costello @ Timothy Everest
T2MC team bib shorts by Ruth Costello @ Timothy Everest
T2MC team jacket by Ruth Costello @ Timothy Everest

I am also looking forward to trying out Castelli products for the first time. I was quite chuffed about the prospect of having a lobster Pokemon on my posterior cheeks, amongst other parts, but I was reliably informed that it is actually a scorpion and the trade mark precedes Pokemon by a few decades. Whodathunk?

We’ll be all dolled up for the Alps.

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