Out with Schwalbe Durano, In with Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

by Chikashi

I have had enough of Schwalbe Durano tyres. I had 2 bikes fitted with them, one with a set of 25c and another with a set of 23c. In the past 10 months or so, I have had so many punctures on both bikes that I have lost count. So much for Schwalbe’s puncture protection. Furthermore, the rubber is a grippy but soft compound so it is prone to cuts and wears relatively quickly. On one occasion, the Kevlar bead failed.

I was pleased with the way Continental Grand Prix 4 Season performed during the Paris – Roubaix sportive. Bullet-proof. It also rolls reasonably well for a tyre that is not designed specifically for racing. I am guessing that it has something to do with the rather high thread count; if I am correct, the 3-ply thread count is at the top end of clincher tyres.

For the Turin – Monte Carlo ride, I will be rolling on a set of Conti GP 4S particularly because we will have a bit of unpaved Alpine sectors. Actually, there will be more than a few of us rolling on Conti GP 4S; it might appear as though Conti are our sponsor…

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