Cycling Against Child Labour and Hunger, Day 4 Route Details

by Chikashi

Day 4 (7 September):  Marmora – Tende, distance 118km, climb 3,000m

An interactive map where you can place the orange guy to see street views is here.

We are told that Day 3 will be the toughest, so I somehow conveniently thought that it might be all downhill on Day 4… Still plenty of red and yellow bits on the graph…

Climb1:  Colle Fauniera, elevation gain of 1,200 m in 17km. Apparently, it is also known as Colle dei Morti (Hill of the Dead) because of a fierce battle fought in the 17th century, between the Franco-Spanish and Piedmontese troops. A Marco Pantani monument is there too. Do you believe in ghosts?

Climb 2:  Madonna del Colletto, elevation gain of 550m in 6.5 km.

Climb 3:  Colle di Tenda / Col de Tende, elevation gain of 1,250m in 30 km, the last 14 km being the main climb with elevation gain of 900 m. (So, are we there yet?) The descent from Tende is not paved for the first 4 or 5 km, so it might get a little bumpy… followed by about 50 switchbacks. I can already smell the red hot rims and the melting brake pads…



The crazies amongst our group might do an additional climb up Val des Merveilles (1,000 m elevation gain) after lunch.

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