Cycling Against Child Labour and Hunger, Day 3 Route Details

by Chikashi

Day 3 (6 September):  Molines en Queyras – Marmora, distance 83 km, climb 2,600 m

An interactive map where you can place the orange guy to see street views is here.

Climb 1:  Col Agnel / Colle dell’Agnello, elevation gain of 1,000 m in 15 km. (Who’s idea was this?)

Climb 2:  Colle di Sampeyre, elevation gain of 1,300 m in 16 km. (Who was it again?)

Climb 3:  Marmora, 300 m elevation gain.

We might do an additional climb, up Colle di Priet (850 m elevation gain) after lunch.

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