Cycling Against Child Labour and Hunger, Day 2 Route Details

by Chikashi

Day 2 (5 September):  Pragelato – Molines en Queyras, distance 86 km, climb 2,600 m

An interactive map where you can place the orange guy to see street views is here.

Climb 1:  Colle del Sestriere, 500 m elevation gain.

Climb 2:  Col de Montgenèvre, 500 m elevation gain.

Climb 3:  Col d’Izoard, 1,150 m elevation gain. Compared to neighbouring climbs, Izoard is much more lush, with plenty of trees, flora and fauna, which makes for a pretty route. However, it also means that there are plenty of flies. When I was climbing Izoard last year, I had about 2 dozen flies having an early luncheon on all of my exposed bits, feasting on the perspired salts. Hopefully, I’ll be climbing at a quicker pace so that it would make it a bit more difficult for those French flies, but I might be a little too optimistic…

Climb 4:  Molines-en-Queyras, 450 m elevation gain.

We might do a couple of additional climbs such as Saint-Veran (250 m elevation climb) or a bit of Agnel after lunch…

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