What’s in a Name?

by Chikashi

A few months ago, I was out for a ride around Antwerp, along the Ring, and there was a teenager on a scooter. As I was about to overtake him, I saw the prominent logo on the back of his helmet: MT. It is a somewhat unfortunate name for a headgear. I burst out laughing as I overtook him and startled the poor boy. As soon as I got home, I did a search and learned that it is a Spanish company with global distribution…

When we are preparing a brand, collection or a product, we tend to agonise over the name and sometimes have really daft ‘debates’ amongst the unofficial naming committee members. Alternatively, a handsome fee is paid to some agency like InterBrand to come up with a did-you-really-pay-someone-to-come-up-with-that sort of name. However, I do wonder whether we place too much importance on a name.

I remember a bakery called Schimmel in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Not exactly a charmer for an establishment that deals with food. But, it’s just a name.

And so is this. I guess.

via Ruth

via Ruth