Needles and Ink, Shears and Needles

by Chikashi

Tilda Swinton looks very cool wearing the bespoke suit that underpins the spring / summer 2014 Timothy Everest x Horiyoshi III ready-to-wear men’s collection that made its debut Monday night. For a report of the evening, go here and here. Regrettably, I was unable to attend the launch…

FINDHORN is a short film by Johnnie Shand Kydd that captures the essence of bespoke and its effects on the wearer. It is a conceptual exploration into two crafts at the opposite side of the spectrum brought together for the first time and realised in a two-piece garment.

Drawing parallels between the shapes and forms of Tilda Swinton’s local landscape, the viewer sees exaggerated movements echoing the shapes a bespoke client experiences during the fitting process.

In search of the perfect tattoo, white on white becomes a key theme.

Wearing a deconstructed jacket and trouser fashioned from the purest white wool, the subtle luminosity and fluidity of the cloth is juxtaposed against brightly billowing scarves and bleached out-sand dunes. Over obvious basting stitches draw attention to the processes used in bespoke.

I have not quite tried those moves in Spitalsfields, never mind in Scotland, but I take the film as an encouragement to do the same at the next opportunity?