Perhaps I Did Not Plan My Trip Intelligently

by Chikashi

photo by Arias Schreiber via Milano Fixed

photo by Arias Schreiber via Milano Fixed

I have a trip to Milan later this month. I had initially toyed with the idea of taking a bike with me and extending the stay through the weekend, perhaps head north to pootle around Lake Como or consider one of the many other options available near Milan. It would also help to burn off the dinner I will have had Thursday night with my dear friend Zé whilst catching up on the latest rag trade gossip. Then, I thought, nah, I’ll come back Friday afternoon once I’m done with work.

Now a mild regret might be setting in… There are views, and there are views. Of course, there are no guarantees that it will be the latter, if any. But you must admit that that is a good looking saddle, don’t you think? In Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, M said that regrets are unprofessional, but this has nothing to do with work, ma’am.