Business Drivel, part 3

by Chikashi

circle back

What’s not to like, you ask? Nothing really, except that it is another sad example of a ‘metaphor’ favoured by those that probably should focus more on substance and less on stylistic devices. The expression tends to be uttered under the same breath as ‘reach out‘, as in, ‘I will reach out to Jack and his colleagues and circle back with their views.’

Reach out and circle back. It sounds like a portion of a script for a film that has several actors and does not require a costume department, no?

scrubs P1040982

I must admit that I have never been to a YMCA or a prison, so I must plead ignorance of the sorts of things that occur in the shower rooms. I have only ever been outside Scrubs to take a few photos but have never been in residence… (Well, actually, I did step inside to ask at the front office whether it was alright to take photos of the building.)

 scrubs P1040953