In Limburg, the Deda Dog Fang Chain Catcher

by Chikashi

Deda Dog Fang

I got a Deda Dog Fang chain catcher before I did the Paris Roubaix sportive and installed it according to the simple instruction: place it 1 mm from the chain when it is on the smaller ring. More recently, the front derailleur over-shifted, the chain came off the ring and stayed off. The Dog Fang did not do its job. I had another look and figured out the problem which was rather obvious in hindsight: I installed the Dog Fang so that its top was in line with the top of the chain. I raised it so that half the Dog Fang is above the top of the chain.


Yesterday morning, during the 105 km mini Ronde van Limburg, the chain came off in the front, the Dog Fang caught it and then promptly slipped the chain on the smaller ring. So, it now does its job. (Yes, the bike looks a right mess, and so did I, but the roads were wet because it rained the day before.)

However, I have realised that the Dog Fang comes into play only once the chain comes off, that is, after the problem has occurred. It is a corrective device rather than a preventative device. I believe that this is in contrast to many other chain catchers that look like crooked sticks and is installed using the front derailleur’s attachment bolt, such as the ones from K-Edge or Token. Given the placement and structure, I am guessing that these sticks are preventative in that its corrective function takes effect much earlier, preventing the chain from dropping in the first place, which is probably more efficient.

By the way, Limburg is a nice region to go for a pootle. The province promotes itself as a cycling paradise, and it is actually a pleasant place to cycle. It is not because they have an extensive cycling infrastructure, but it is because much of the province is quiet country lanes with only a few cars about, not to mention the picturesque countryside peppered with mild climbs, some interesting old houses and plenty of cyclists (pensioners, children, families, tourers, as well as colourful MAMILs) out for a jolly. Some photos I took on a previous outing in Limburg are here.