Clotted Cream, a Great English Culinary Decadence

by Chikashi


When I left the UK, I did not think that I would miss any native food. Really, what’s there to miss? So, OK, it turns out I miss cream tea, and more specifically clotted cream. I just adore the stuff. So, every time I return to the UK for a day or two, I try to get a tub of Rodda’s clotted cream and an armful of scones to bring back.

I do not take sides, Devenish or Cornish, when it comes to the question of what to apply first, clotted cream or jam: I just put a large dollop of clotted cream without jam. Simple decadence at its finest. The way it melts in one’s mouth, it is peerless.

I shall be carrying back a tub of Cornish clotted cream and some scones this weekend for a creamily decadent week ahead. Muhaha.