Had a Spill, Bought a Dog Tag from Road ID

by Chikashi

Road ID dog tag

I had a spill at the beginning of the year. It happened when I went over a thin piece of black ice on the tarmac. I pushed down on the right pedal and the rear wheel went up in the air to the left. It was exactly as though someone did a flawless de ashi barai on my bike. I realised that I slipped on ice only when I tried to get back up (I’m not much of a skater). It was on a country road in the Provence, early in the morning. The good news are that my body still remembered, more or less, how to fall and that there were no cars or trucks anywhere within sight, only a few stalkers with their rifles, searching for game: it could have been a lot worse than a few bruises, some road rash and shredded bib shorts. The bad news is that, had things ended up slightly messier, it may have been more complicated than necessary. So, I ordered a dog tag from Road ID with bits of essential information engraved on it.

I do not have any medical history or allergies that would be of concern, but I thought that things like age, emergency contact number and blood type might make life a bit easier for everyone, particularly if I am pootling outside my country of domicile. The dog tag is stainless steel and light, has no troublesome elements like nickel plating. Ordering one was easy peasy, and fulfilment was swift. But, of course, one hopes that it will never be put to its intended use.