Not Today, Darling. I Have My…

by Chikashi

In the mood but...In the mood, but the body says, no. Sounds familiar? Actually, it isn’t to me. It was the first time today.

The sun finally decided to turn up, so I was really quite keen to get out for an 80 km jolly to loosen things up a bit. Actually, I was in the mood for some serious hammering. Once I got going, I realised that my body had other plans. Not sure what, but they did not including cycling.

I have had occasions where the body was happy to keep pedalling, but I was simply not in the mood or my mind just gave up. However, the reverse has never happened before. I suppose that there is a first time for everything.

I managed to do just 60 km in the end, and it seemed like the longest 60 km there ever was. Very odd.