L’Eroica 2012, Just a Few More Sleeps

by Chikashi

The world’s best amateur cycling event is quickly approaching.  Brooks, who were noticeably absent last year, will be sending a handful of people this year.

The number that I am being allocated this year is 3168. Luciano Berruti, the l’Eroica poster boy, will be sporting numero 1 once again. I see that Francesco Moser will be there again this year, but I have no idea whether he is ‘the sheriff’. Judging from his low number, I am guessing that he is Lo sceriffo himself.

There are quite a few people flying in from the US and Japan, but I have noticed that there are a couple of people from Brisbane on the list. It may seem crazy to come for l’Eroica all the way from Australia, or anywhere outside of Europe, but you would understand if you have experienced it yourself. You might even refer to it as the world’s most civilised party.

The weather forecast seems to indicate that it will be cooler than last year, so it ought to be a bit more comfortable wearing my tweed plus-2s.

The short film above was shot by Ben Ingham who does much of the still and video photography for Rapha and Rouleur. As one would expect, his handwriting is all over the clip.

I can hardly wait to get all covered in white Chianti dust again.

UPDATE:  My l’Eroica 2012 ride report is here.