Thank You, G2MC Charity Ride Sponsors

by Chikashi

I have concluded the fundraising campaign in aid of Sentebale.  The total funds raised was £8740.  It is a bit short of the £10000 that I hoped to raise, but it is nonetheless a significant amount.  There are uncollected pledges worth approximately £1385 that would put us over the £10000 threshold, but the outlook on collection remains unclear.

I would like to thank all my sponsors again for their generosity.  Part of the fundraising challenge is to try to persuade potential sponsors to contribute as much as possible whilst not leaving anyone with the impression that there is a minimum that represents a ‘respectable’ amount because there is no such threshold.  Any and all contributions are appreciated.  I wish that I were able to express this with a bit more grace, but I hope that I was able to communicate the substance in the preceding sentence.

Unlike large scale fundraising campaigns planned well in advance, I did not offer various levels of sponsorship (diamond, platinum, gold, etc.) to acknowledge exceptional contributions.  It also meant that sponsorship was not a mere act of public relations but something genuine.  For this alone, I am grateful to each of my sponsors.  At the same time, I would like to acknowledge the following sponsors for having made a substantial contribution of more than £1000:

A descendant of Eugène Casalis

An Israeli Diamond Trading Company Sightholder

Friends at a premier Italian fine jewellery brand

And, special thanks to Gem Diamonds and Letseng Diamonds for enabling me to do this fundraising in aid of Sentebale.