Bee Sting and Saliva

by Chikashi

I rode my fixed gear bike on the 110km route to Knokke the Saturday before last.  One-third of the way through, a bee (or perhaps a wasp) did a crash landing on my nose as I was going well north of 30kph.  Before we could even start an argument about who actually had the right of way, that is, flick him off my nose, the bugger stung me.

I immediately recalled something about insect stings and alkaline saliva.  For the next couple of miles, I kept licking a finger in order to apply lots and lots of saliva on the nose.  I was not sure if it would work, but I was certain that I did not want to arrive at the beach looking like I have a plum embedded in my nose.  Plus, I was not going to find a pharmacy in the middle of corn fields.

Fortunately, the trick worked.  The swelling was similar in size to a mosquito bite even though the discomfort was more acute.  I still had to get the stinger (is that what it’s called?) out once I got home in order to eradicate the cause rather than simply trying to address the symptom, but the saliva remedy did its job.

So, here is a message to the French bees, wasps and hornets:  On the G2MC Charity Ride, my MAMIL mates and I have the right of way, so mind your flight path.  Please.

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