The Olympics in Graphics

by Chikashi


The sporting dramas of the London Olympics have left most spectators in high spirits, and justifiably so. The design aspects sometimes did not really live up to the great event.

I think Stella McCartney’s uniform design for Team GB was not ugly but was still a missed opportunity. The Union Jack is one of the most striking flag designs in the world and happens to be one of the two flag designs that I love. I just think that reinventing the national flag by messing about with its colours, especially when the flag does not need any design improvements, was not the best idea.

In contrast, the uniform design for Japan was truly cringe-worthy; there is no way to describe it without the repeated use of expletives.

One piece of design that I had dismissed as being just ugly and boring is the London 2012 logo. Until recently, that is.

Someone in London told me halfway through the Games that the logo resembles Lisa Simpson kneeling on the right, doing something to the man standing on the left. Of course, that gives rise (no pun intended) to a whole new perspective. I am certain that I am one of the last people to be clued in on this, as I usually am when it comes to these sorts of things, but, as they say, better late than never.

I wonder who the man is…