Getting Warmed Up, Physical or Psychological?

by Chikashi

I have noticed in the last couple of months that it takes me about 20 km to get warmed up. I am no longer a spring chicken, so perhaps that is why it takes so long to get warmed up. Not quite as old as the dome above, but certainly not a teenager any more.

I did about 250 km this week, about the same as last week, and have been trying to follow, more or less, the training programme that Jason compiled, in preparation for the G2MC Charity Ride, based on the methodology of a certain famous pro cycling coach. I have yet to hit real hills, but once my local bike shop is done building the rear wheel for me in a few days, I will go to Liège for some serious climbs.

My lungs and heart are in good condition. No complaints there.

I have noticed that I am becoming slightly faster and that my pedal strokes are becoming more even, more circular and smooth. But 20 km is a long time to warm up, even considering the fact that the first few kilometers entail stopping at red lights and minding lots of other road users until I get well out of town.

On the way from Geneva to Monte Carlo, I doubt that we will have 20 km each morning to warm up before we start on a serious ascent. I wonder if this long warm up period is really physical or just psychological. As is usually the case with these things, it’s probably a bit of both…

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