Lubricating Zippers with Elemis

by Chikashi

When spending a bit of time on aeroplanes getting dehydrated, my lips get chapped and uncomfortable.  A few years ago British Airways switched their in-flight amenities suppliers from Molton Brown to Elemis.  I really liked the lip thingies from Molton Brown.  They were initally of the solid stick type, and then they were replaced by a cream type in a little tube.  I preferred the stick but liked the cream as well.  And then, one fine day BA dumped Molton Brown for Elemis.

I have no sense of loyalty to the Molton Brown brand, so the change in suppliers did not bother me per se.  The problem is that I do not like the lip thingy from Elemis.  It just does not do the job for me.  Actually, it dries out my lips.  I teased Andrew, BA’s marketing director, that I now have to actually buy lip thingies because I’ve run out of all the Molton Brown ones and the Elemis stuff doesn’t do the job.  However, I recently found an alternative application for the Elemis Lip Revive.

After about 20 years of use, the zipper on my suit carrier had become very sticky.  Opening and closing the bag became a mildly annoying ordeal.  Therefore, I recently applied Elemis Lip Revive on the zipper, et voilà!  It turns out to be an effective Fastener Revive.  The zipper runs like a dream now.   Delightful.