Not a Moser, Actually

by Chikashi

As I mentioned last week, I had picked up for the Little Brunette a complete bike that was sold as a Moser.

I had my suspicions, but I was not really bothered because of the very low price.

The seat stays do not have ‘Moser’ stamped at the top.  I understand that some models did not have the engravings, and seeing that the decals look quite authentic, I thought that it might still be authentic.  On the other hand, most parts are French.  The drive train is Stronglight.  The hubs and freewheel are Maillard.  In fact, everything is French other than the San Marco saddle and the rear derailleur, brakes and brake levers from Shimano, which are obviously replacements installed at a later date.

Hint, hint

When I got round to the bottom bracket this weekend, I saw that it is Swiss threaded.

The serial number on the bottom bracket looks very much like that of a Peugeot (B2048065).  The dropouts are Simplex.  The lugs are Bocama.  The tubing is Columbus SLX.

There is no way that this is a Moser.  Rather, I am reasonably certain that it is a Peugeot from the early 80s.

Regardless, it is a good bike.  I think it will be a nice bike when the restoration is complete.  Fun and games.