Visiting Cards

by Chikashi

calling cards and business cards

Every time I forget the term ‘visiting card’, someone uses it to remind me of its existence.  It is often misused in English, usually as a result of direct translation from another language, but sometimes the cause is confusion about the three different kinds of cards that contain similar types of information.  They are usually defined in terms of the context of interaction.  As it appears that the traditional definitions are sometimes difficult to remember, let us try another approach and define them based on the motive behind the card.

  • Calling cards (or social cards, as some like to call them) are left by someone who wants to sleep with you.
  • Business cards are left by someone who wants your money.
  • Visiting cards are left by dogs.  Motives are undetermined.  Possibly no motive, just nature.

What is your current motive?