Eyewear or Eyesore?

by Chikashi

Cycling-specific kit is a bit like golf kit:  it can be very difficult to understand or appreciate for non-practitioners and even for some practitioners.  It can even deter potential entrants from taking up the sport since it does beg the question, ‘If I partake in it, then do I have to dress like that?’  Propriety of dress is, after all, something not to be taken too lightly although I admit that I happily ignore conventions at times.

Popular eyewear designs for cycling tend to co-ordinate very well with the oft favoured, garish cycling apparel in glossy Lycra and equally hideous helmets.  They look like they were borrowed from the costume department of Star Wars or from the pages of a Marvel Comics edition.  Of course, its obvious strength is that they do work rather well with the rest of the visually offensive ensemble.  Therefore, its popularity is not surprising.  I bet that the sight of a pair like the one pictured above makes many a Mamil’s geeky bollocks tingle.

However, what if you don’t want to look like an extraterrestrial warrior or a superhero?  Something practical but a bit stylish, not puerile?  There must be a market for such cycling eyewear, something that looks good both on and off the bike.  No?