by Chikashi

mesh motoring goggles

My sister recently gave me a ‘book’ by Eben Weiss, titled Bike Snob: Systematically and Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling, which she picked up from the much-loved Daunt Books in Marylebone.  I would not recommend the book to anyone other than those actively seeking agony, but I did learn that I fit quite nicely into one of the categories of cyclists that Weiss defines:  Retro-Grouches.  I have a definite bias towards lugged steel frames and am very slow at adopting new technology.  The fact that I was unaware of the term ‘Retro-Grouch’ until I read this book probably says something about me; I actually did a search on the term and learned that Weiss was not the first to use the term even if he may have been the first to use it in a context specific to cycling.

At Retro-Grouch Towers, we got our first DVD player only once the prices fell below 100 euros, which probably put us at the tail end of those entering the DVD market.  It was something of a revelation to see DVD films instead of the good old VHS tapes.  Recently, the DVD player seemed to be on its last breath, so we went to have a look at Bluray DVD players.  Et voilà, they have now reached the 100 euro price point.  We watched the Bluray version of one of our favourites, The Italian Job, and saw a whole new film.  Grouch is happy.

Anyone else still using a Nokia e61?