A New Vintage Build

by Chikashi

Having taken in the atmosphere at l’Eroica this year, the Brunette and the Little Brunette decided that they want to participate next year.  They will need qualifying hardware.  Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to organise them.

I recently found a frame set for the Brunette.  It has some lovely details.  However, I got a bit distracted by them and failed to see some of the flaws until I brought it home.  Regardless, I think that it will be a very distinctive bike.

I have no idea who built it, but conveniently, it has an ‘M’ engraved on each seatstay.

I have no idea when it was built.  The important thing is that it is lugged steel and does not have internal brake cable routing.

However, there are some hints as to the minimum age of the frame set, given that the seat tube is 28.6 mm diameter, accepting a 26.2 mm seat pin, and the rear drop out width is 126 mm (which I did not think to measure until I got home…).  Furthermore, I am now almost certain that the rear width was originally 120 mm and later cold set to 126 mm.

The frame set has been cleaned and polished after the photos were taken.  Given the rear drop out width, it won’t be as straightforward a build as I had initially hoped, but I think that the M has the potential to be a real stunner.