by Chikashi

Ever since I published a review of Nicholas Storey’s second book, this advert keeps being inserted in the right column of this page.  Presumably, this is  because I mentioned ‘manuscript’.  (Bugger, I mentioned it again!)

The advert certainly ticks many boxes.  It has an arresting visual that grabs one’s attention.  Then, it dives straight into a concise and comprehensive copy about his cute metaphoric moniker, academic credentials, commercial proposition and contact information.  It uses the limited space with mind blowing efficiency.  Furthermore, unlike London telephone boxes with dozens of similarly arresting and efficient adverts of a comparable size (if slightly easier on the delicate eye), this web page offers his advert something of a sanctuary, with no competing graphical (or is it graphic?) adverts in the vicinity to dilute its impact.

So, is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

Just asking.