Absurd Idea

by Chikashi

I read somewhere that Einstein once said, ‘If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.’  Many moons ago, I used to occasionally visit a tiny restaurant that a former professional boxer opened in Shibuya, Tokyo.  I do not even remember the name and doubt that it still exists.  It specialised in pasta dishes, many of them with a distinctive Japanese twist.

I always ordered the same, absurd spaghetti with sauce consisting of three distinct ingredient groups sitting separately on top of the spaghetti boiled al dente:  Bolognese sauce, sansai and chopped natto (Marmite of the Japanese kitchen).  When the dish arrives, one is supposed to mix them all up.  The combination sounds utterly absurd, even repulsive.  But it somehow works.  I love it.

I remembered the absurd dish recently because I was thinking of meals that would be appropriate after a long bicycle ride.  A well balanced meal, it would be. This might be a pasta dish that actually works well with beer.